Erik “Short-e” was born in Baku, which is the capital of Azerbaijan. His family migrated to the United States and settled into Brooklyn, NY when he was just 2 years old. At that time, his parents barely spoke English and lived in a small apartment in a lower-class neighborhood. As the years went by, Short-e began to fall in love with the powers of music. At first, Michael Jackson & Madonna were his childhood idols and inspirations. At age 10, he already showed signs of a future entertainer when he began to distribute self-made paper tickets to his lunchtime shows and performances in elementary school. At age 13 he picked up a love & passion for DJing when he heard Hot 97’s FunkMaster Flex mixing and scratching on-air. After begging his parents for months, Short-e finally received his first set of turntables at the age of 14 as a birthday gift and a DJ was born. During these years, freestyle dance music and hip-hop were his favorite genres. He would throw infamous house parties in his basement which gained him popularity in High School. Soon after, he was asked to DJ his home-coming dance where he was paid for the first time. The rest, as they say is history!
After graduating high school in New York, Short-e took his movement to Tampa, FL where he went to college and launched his own company, Hot4Ever Entertainment. Short-e spent 10 years in Tampa where he was hired by the cities best promoters and clubs. His mixtapes and cd’s stood out from the other DJ’s because of his tasteful track selection, sexy style, smooth mixes and transitions.
Evolving is what Short-e does best. In 2004, he launched “The Short-e Show”, a self-produced TV show which he also hosts. Local and national celebrities would both embrace and endorse the program when Short-e approached them for an interview during his club gigs and parties. This was just the beginning of the success of the program. Since the show’s launch, Short-e has hit many red carpets to bring you exclusive superstar interviews and behind the scenes to some of the hottest spots and events. YouTube took notice of his videos and offered him a show partner deal.
In 2010, Short-e’s popularity hit an all-time high after he hosted Diddy’s Super Bowl party in South Beach. In 2011 he went international when he was invited to perform in 3 south African cities! Since then, Short-e has continued to make guest appearances at some of the biggest and best clubs in NYC and Miami. Tampa Bay and Los Angeles markets while setting himself apart from the rest of thanks to the popularity of his TV show. In 2017 he received a YouTube award for passing 100,000 subscribers and accumulating 110 million views.
Most recently, Short-e has struck a deal with the CW TV network in Las Vegas and airs his late-night sponsored program Thursdays at 2AM for the entire strip to see. He has also founded the “LA Star Search” which will open the doors to both young and old undiscovered artists throughout the Los Angeles area, while giving them hope and a platform to showcase their undiscovered talents. Lastly, he is working on his debut album and adding more key markets to air his celebrity TV show in.
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